Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ghost Stories

It's bad enough that she has terrible photo skills with the good camera but Mrs. Master insisted taking a pic of her new patio lights with her new phone and she decapitated me in the process.

In other news, if you are one of the salesmen who came BACK over about 20 min after Master told you, "We're not interested," and knocked on the door AGAIN, I will bite off your arm if you come a third time.

After that, I will haunt you like the headless horseman haunts sleepy hollow.  I have the power do  things like that in my headless state.

That's all.

Nora B. Webster

PS.  I really do still have my head and I don't have ghost like powers but I might get some so beware.

PPS.  If you are a friend, please come over and enjoy our new lights!  All of us pups can wrestle in the yard while the humans sit under the lights and do all the boring things humans tend to do.


  1. With the full moon out there, we could have lots of fun doing zoomies. Let's see if we can find the keys to the minivan.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. We love the beautiful lights.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  3. Looks like party central!

  4. Its really cool, but I like it better when you have your head on. I will come and help you bite that guy at the door. I am real good at scaring those guys away.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Nice lights Nora and we like the idea of you biting the pesky salesman. Have a great day today and enjoy the Olympics.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I am loving the lights... just enough to be able to pass the bottles of wine... (That is what we boring humans do while you do your zoomies.)

    Do you know why the headless horseman was headless? (I only know this because recently my son had to read the story...) He was (supposedly) a Hessian Calvary trooper who had his head shot off by a cannon in the American Revolution and was riding forth each night in search of his head. But I really believe it was Brom just trying to scare off ole Ichabod. :)

    So your mom shot off your head with a CANON (ok that was a stretch, but with my previous paragraph I HAD to try it...) And no I've not been in the 2 buck chuck... yet.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  7. Nora we love your patio lights. Mom especially likes you r message to the ornery solicitor. Seversl years ago mom finally convinced Dad we needed a peep hole in our new front door (there was lots of grUmbling about putting a hole in a nice new door. Fast forward the day it was installed mom was not home. (mom is barely 5'4"). Dad and the fellow installing it decided it should be mounted in a certain spot so that it would be astectically pleasing.
    It is about 3" above mom's head...long story short (pun intended) Dad has to answer the door or at least look out the peep hole for possible solicitors.
    Mom never has to deal with them

  8. That looks really cool, Nora!
    Salesmen can be annoying - but don't lose your head over the whole thing. Ha roo roo roo! "Lose your head!" Ha roo roo- where's Dave? I gotta run this one by him...
    Play bows,

  9. Oh, those salesmen....I just bark, and bark, and bark, so no one can hear them...they go away! It is especially fun when it is ADT, wanting to know if we want a security system installed, and Ma says, "You can hear my security system!", let's just say, they don't come back! Anyhu, Ma just LOVES your patio lights! Now she's thinkin' we need new lights, too!



  10. Ooh, I love the lights! If I come play with you, do you think I could be headless and get special ghost powers too, just for a little while?? That would be pawsome!!

  11. heehee Nora - you're funny :) lights look like there will be many a fine evening happening under those happy evening lights..
    Maybe you should have a sign on your door saying 'no door sales visitis please' or if that is no good ' beware of the huskies...salespeople!' grrrrrrrr!

  12. When is it time to tell skhary khat stories?


  13. Hi NorA,

    Sure you can have a ride. Just let me knon what evenm you wanna see and I'll come pick you up. I've never kissed a husky before but I'm ready. You'll be my fist passanger.

    I won't say sniff you later cuase your a girl and it wouldn't be polite.............Weenie