Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Master went to the allergist and he is allergic to all trees and grasses and....wait for it...ME!  He's allergic to ME!  We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to stay...

Just kidding.  What would Webster Manor be without me and Master?

Anyway, we're getting a new vacuum.  Needs to be good with pet hair and on hard woods (that's all we have).

Here's your chance to tell us what to buy.

Ready?  GO!

Nora B. Webster


  1. Yikes, that's not good news. We hope there are meds to fix Dad.

    We don't know a lot about all that fancy schmancy hypoallergenic stuff but we have two of those purple monsters, the Dyson, one upstairs and one downstairs. It steals our furs off the floors and carpets every day. Mom says she loves it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. We had a Dyson but the last time it broke, fixing it was going to be more green papers than it was really worth

    The local shop we use had always been suggesting a Riccar...

    Mom decided to give it a try

    PLUS, it is made in the US

    Missouri IS the US, eh?


  3. I'm allergic to dogs too...but I'll never live life without them! I'm pretty fond of my Dyson. :-)

  4. Dyson is pretty good Ma has the purple Animal one, Ma also has a Meier (spelling?) that she got as a gift, which is also good. What she hates is that all the good ones are heavy!! But, that's neither here nor there when concidering allergy concerns. I say, just make sure it has a HEPA filter. Also, Ma got a steam mop for Christmas (do you see a theme here???) and she just LOVES it. It disinfectes your hard surfaces AND your carpets, too! It's a Haan. Oh, it also kills mites, and other nasties. Try going on Amazon and read some of the reviews. Sometimes they're helpful ~ sometimes not. Good luck! Oh, you might want to check this site out:
    It has alot of info about different vacuums, too.



  5. Oh no, poor Master.:( We have the Dyson Animal and it does a pretty great job.:) That is one cool toy you've got, Nora.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  6. Oh man, poor Master. Can you build him a special house in the backyard? Mommy doesn't have any suggestions about vaculas. I hope everything works out. Allergies suck, Mommy and Sister have them. I hope Master feels better soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Poor Mr.Master. We have a Dyson Animal too and it also does a good job. Nora we are nearly finished with the book Winterdance and will be ready to send it on soon. We haven't forgotten. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Our VACULA is named Oreck. WE hate him with a Passion. Butt my mom still lets him out of the closet.. right after she lets US out into the Yard...

    Sorry that your dad is allergic to you.

  9. I am apparently allergic to dogs as well. BUT the Dr. also said that it could be that because I am already exposed to so much "dog" that my system just reacted to the test. My brother is allergic to everything but dogs and cockroaches!?!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  10. I'm sorry that Master is allergic to you. I'm sure he can take some pills to feel better. My sissy takes pills that make HER feel better.

    Wonder if he would be allergic to my furs of silver? Most folks we know with allergies are allergic to cat spit residue we leave after grooming.

    We have heard great things about the Dyson. My human sis has one.
    Hugs Madi...achoo

  12. Mom and I have several vacuums. One is a Dyson. Since you have to empty all the stuff out of it and half of it goes up your nose, according to my mom, I'm not sure how good it would be for allergy peeps. The other three are by the Oreck people - an upright (our favorite), a canister, and I have a little one that Mom said is mine (
    I thought us Sibes were hypoallergenic? Maybe he's allergic to dogs. Not Siberians!
    Play bows,

  13. What about allergy shots? Also, when my dog Shadow was diagnosed with allergies to just about everything under the sun - I bought her an Oreck machine that filtered the air. You just rinsed the filter out every week or so. Now, I know that was for a dog - but it might help the human too.

    Thanks for not "getting ride" of the dog just cause of allergies! There are lots of things to get around that - so hopefully something helps!

  14. Hey, hey there Nora, I wanted to be the first to know you won my 'Guess my Weight' contest!!! Yea! Email me your addy at judi1040 (at)gmail(dot)com, and I send you your prize pack!!



  15. Well, my assistant is allergic to cats and we have two of them! Any vacuum with a Hepa filter will work well. We also have a couple of those room size hepa filter air cleaner things in the bedroom. People with allergies are most vulnerable while they are sleeping. Keeping the dogs out of the bedroom (sorry) might help. My assistant should keep the cats out of the bedroom, but she doesn't!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. I'm new to your blog, I'm gonna follow :) Good luck with finding a new vacuum, mommy has no good advice, she's bad at finding good products hehe :)

  17. Well dat is just da keraziest thing evers...hoomans bein' allergic to us is just stoopid! Obviously you has done some good advice, whicj is a good thing cuz I ain't got none.

    Yep, we tooks a break cuz My Girl be goin' back to school on Tuesday and I hads to spend time with hers before dat. We had a tea pawty...hehehehe.


  18. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!! That is horrible!! If my mom were allergic to me, she would just have to deal with it! BOL!!