Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where I've Been

Judging by the lack of e-mails and comments saying:  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?  I'm guessing you all were busy too.

Do you guys like these awesome glasses from my friend Puddles?

She's always liked Master's glasses so she sent me some so I can look really cool like him.

A huge thank you as you can tell, I really love to do photo shoots so Puddles, I can't wait to send you some awesome gift so you can be tortured treated to a fun day of photo taking.  

Ok, so back on topic:  Where have I been?


It was awesome and wonderful and everything it should be.  Oh, except that I got NOTHING except these glasses.  Someone alert the media about my mistreatment.

As for Star, after Christmas, she went to stay at a Taysia Blue volunteer's house and Mrs. Master and I hightailed it out of town.

You see, Master's brother was getting married and the bachelor party was at Webster Manor.

As we are not bachelors, Mrs. Master and I went to stay with her parents.

I have no idea who this dog is sleeping by a very hot fire in the wood stove.  Please pretend you never saw this.  I am a snow dog and love to sleep on ice.

Ok, the best part is that I got to go to day care and stay the night there the day of the wedding.

The worst part is that these two lame-os took a family photo without me.

I'll photoshop myself in.

Party Animal,

Nora B. Webster


  1. Hi Nora...MOL MOL MOL at sleeping on snow and ice.
    Even a Ice loving Husky knows when she is well off much better to sleep by fires than on top of ice.
    Mr. and Mrs. look very nice in the photo. Did you spit clean and polish them?

    OF COURSE we missed you we checked by several times but just knew you were busy. Oh Sasha the Chef in Residence in my cabinet will be asking you to help her dead some squirrels for my swearin' in on January 12, 2013.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  2. PS Mom is easily distracted...first thing I told her to say was how very intelligent you look (and we are certain are) in your funky glasses.
    Puddles selected just the right pair for you both.

  3. Nice photo of your Master and Mrs. Master, but it would have been immensely better with you in it.

  4. Nora, we hate to say this but that Puddles has some great fashion sense... those glasses are totally you! They make you look more gorgeous as well as over the top intelligent!

    Sam and Pippen

  5. Nora I would NEVER have recognized you in those Chic Eyewear by PUDDLES thingys. Quite a ...SPECTACLE .. fur SURE. Now you can wear them to do all sorts of forbidden thingys and no one will be the wiser!!!

    OMD Ernie and I REALLY HAVE missed you. Glad you are Back with us... and hopefully DEADING TONS of Squirrels fur Madi's SWEARING Ceremony. Deading them... when you aren't being FORCED to recline upon that HIDEOUSLY HOT ..HORRIBLY HARD... pillow, of course.
    Happy NEW YEAR to you and your peeps.... Can't wait until you get that picture of them... FIXED UP the way it SHOULD be.

  6. OH Nora... we furgot to tell you what Puddles did... She Opened up their DOOR and ENZA Flu In. YEP. She did that. Now all her peeps are ENZA victims. Coffing and Sneezing and Blowing into Snot Rags like Crazed Squirrels. SO while her MOM is so sick... PUDDLES is in total control of the HOUSE.

  7. Oh Nora, I just love the glasses. Wonder if they would help Weenie see any?
    We are so glad you like us.Have a Happy New Year.


  8. I just KNOW woo were but a prop in that photo on the soft pillow by the heat maker thingie -

    PeeEssWoo: Meet woo at the snow drift!

  9. Tell me that isn't you sleeping by the super hot fire. Do you need to come stay with us, we got lots of cold cold snow for you to sleep in. And as the photo of the Mr. and Mrs. without you.......don't ever let them do that again.

    You are too good looking to be left out of every photo.


  10. Oh, that PUDDLES!! She is a riot! You look FABulous in em' Nora! Okays, it CAN'T be true that you gots NOTHIN' for Christmas, can it??? Oh man, I will put in a call to the Blogville Police Dept. and see what they can do abouts it! Mistreatment should not go unpunished!! Just sayin'....


    pees: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your peeps pic!

  11. I love your glasses, they look lovely on you! I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas, I did too, it was pawsome. I have no doubt that you spend your nights out on a snow bank, I don't know who that imposter is. I would like to wish you and your most pawsome family a Happy New Year!

    Loveys Sasha

  12. AWWw those glasses look great on you.
    You better photoshop yourself in! And show us the results :)

  13. You did not get to photobomb the pix? Not on. Yep we agree photoshop yourself in. Well you are the star aren't you?
    Wishing you all......a rockin New Years' Eve & a happy start to the New Year tomorrow.
    Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Those are pretty cool glasses, Nora - but wowzers, you must be working way too hard, cuz your eyes look all bloodshot and stuff!
    Hmm. A family photo without you really isn't a FAMILY photo, is it? You really should be in there. Hopefully, there's a little Sibe hair on that black dress or suit. You know - to make the garments more special.
    Happy New Year!
    Play bows,
    PS: I hope it's snowing as hard there as it is here!!!

  15. Happy New Year's! Thank you for your friendship and all the fun we have had.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, Lightning, and Mom Kathie

  16. Hehehehehe...okays so maybe Mr. Master's glasses are still cooler but you at least has pink ones.
    Why would they has a pawty withouts invitin' me?


  17. Oh my gosh Nora, you look so wonderful in those glasses! Gotta love Puddles for sending you that totally pawsome gift.

    Lily Belle & Muffin