Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, Master finally got over flying over the handlebars...can you believe he had the nerve to blame me for the incident?

Here's how it all went down...

There was a know...a SMELL! I just had to sniff it so I stopped.  Apparently, Master didn't understand and kept going.  Our tug line got caught in the tire.  Overall, it was a good physics lesson for us all and it hasn't happened since.

Back to the good stuff...
No one was surprised at my love for pulling the scooter.

I was a little surprised at how quickly I get tired...I mean, who knew our neighborhood was SO HILLY?!?

Oh, and what's up with people slowing down to stare at us?  Haven't you ever seen a dog pull her master before??

We were all shocked when Star was harnessed up and TOOK OFF LIKE A ROCKET!

It's a good thing Mrs. Master had some practice with me before she tried with Star or who knows what would have happened!

A huge thanks as always to Master's mom for the awesome photos.  I got to take her for a little ride too and she didn't even fly over the handlebars!

Back to my title:

Happiness is...

Doing exactly what God created you to do.

At least I think so,

Nora B. Webster


  1. OMD NORA.... WE just HOPE that Detroit and Washington don't find out about this.
    We can see it now... every Corner will have a Kibble and Water dispenser station...
    Our kibble bags will start saying how many MILES TO THE CUP our peeps can get.
    AND then when they find out about Master's "MISHAP" just THINK of all the SAFETY DEVICES that THEY will be wantin to attach to US.
    AND then all the Negative stuffs the OILY Industry will be spreading around. GASP
    WE are very concerned about the PAWSibilities.

  2. Yep...we so khan't be what we aren't supposed to be ;-)

    BTW, I hate to paw this - but since woo are still a youngster, I need to let woo in on a wee sekhret -

    Part of the reason the humans are 'letting' woo do this is they THINK they are wearin' woo out -

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: Somethin' about tired Huskies bein' good Huskies...such logikh!

  3. Oh MAN!! That looked like SO much funs!! Oh Nora, I can see you had a great times pullin' your Masters all around the hood! Your peeps are so smarts, knowin' you bein' the great huskies you are, would LOVE pull em' around...I bets you were all wiped out! Yups, Khyra's right, it's all in their master plan to wears you out...dastardly wicked.
    Now, Ma KNOWS not to lets ME do this, because well, I'm a terrier, and we hunt vermin...Ya know squirrels and rats and possoms, etc. And if I smell somethin', THAT'S IT! I am gone! Can you imagine Ma being dragged down the asphalt screamin' holy h*ll because I see a squirrel I just HAVE to gets?! Oh, she shivers at the thought...
    Anythin' in your peeps arsenal abouts wearin' out a terrier?
    Happy pullin' Nora and Star!! Just remember to keep the smellin' to us terriers....Don't want the Masters goin' over the handlebars again!

  4. Nora, you are so pawsome. Can you PLEASE pull me and Puddles on that thing. I promise we will be good and try not to fly over the handles(well maybe just once for fun). I hope Mr. and Mrs. don't get too used to you pulling them and expect you to take them to work and such.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Nice one guys. What pawsome fun. My peeps could not do that with me, imagine if I saw a squiggle or a cat?Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh NORA, you're a real sled (well, scooter) dog! How exciting!!!

  7. WTG Nora mom had a good chuckle of the the handle bar part. What great pictures of you two girls doing exactly what you were bred to do. Give Master's mom a star for the great pictures.

    Word on the street is years ago jest before Christmas my sis's braces came off. She got a 10 speed for Christmas. She and Dad went riding...when all of a sudden mom saw sis coming of the drive with her hand over her mouth and my dad pushing her bike. Sis told me the first thing my sweet kind considerate caring mom did was say "Please tell me you did not ruin your teeth"!! Sis said mom didn't even ask if she was hurt. MOL Sis evidently tried to stop and kind of fell half way over her bars.
    Hugs madi

  8. That looks pretty awesome. At first glance I thought they were just pulling you on a bike but now that I read it I see what it really is :)

  9. Oh WOW!!! "Happiness is...Doing exactly what God created you to do." SO RIGHT ON!!!
    Like me, God created me to snuggle, but that scooter-pulling thing - in my younger days? I'd have LOVED it!!!
    You and Star look SO BEAUTIFUL running! Your peeps look mighty happy, too. We saw your Mrs. Master and Star on FB -- it's like Star was wooing as she ran. How fun is that?!?!
    I'm so glad you girls had fun. You are both awesome athletes!!

  10. Hahaha That is amazing. You can tell you are in touch with your sled-dog DNA

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,