Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As Big as a Mountain

This is my foster brother.  He's big like a mountain.  That's why they named him Everest.

The master's wife likes him because he's "cuddly."  Humph.  I make them really work for my snuggles.  He just gives them for free.
Please don't be fooled by that innocent look.  Do you know that he escaped from his kennel last night while the master and his wife were gone and didn't help me escape?  He didn't even get in trouble!  If I get out, I make sure to chew the master's tooth brush up real good to show him who the boss is.  Everest just walked around and didn't chew on anything.
Here he is showing off his sitting skills.  I've been trying to demonstrate to him how to "lay down,"  "speak," and "twirl."  He mostly just sits.

If you're looking for a sweet, gentle, huge dog to cuddle and lay around with, you should adopt him.  Contact Taysia Blue for more information.

Lots of sniffs,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  This just in.  Mr. Perfect just chewed up the wife's boot.  My master called to tell her at work.  Boy oh boy is he making me look good.  I never bothered messing with her stuff...err...let's not talk about that rip in the sofa.


  1. Welkhome!

    I khan't wait to read more about The Good (WOO) and The Bad (HIM)!


  2. Hellos, I is Puddles and Khyra sent me overs to meets ya'll/ I be a doxie not a Sibe, hope dats okays.

    I has a brudder dat never gets in trubles eithers...but, I always manage to gets in trubles...hmmmmm?

    Ya'll is some very beautiful Sibes.


  3. Welcome to Blogville, Nora and Webster - two very handsome sibes. Nice to meet you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Ha roo, Everest!!! Your peeps ROCK for fostering you!
    Play bows,

  5. Aw, he's cute! He's got that sweet innocent look all huskies have! (There is NO such thing as a bad husky)

    jack & moo