Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Copy Cat...err...

 I had long suspected Mrs. Master wanted to be like me.  

Sorry that there are no pics of Everest today. He's a little sad about his vet visit yesterday.

She said the "D" word...

you know...

one of those four letter words...

d-i-e-t.  *sigh*

The one and only,

Nora B. Webster


  1. Hehehehe...hoomans can be so weird sometimes.
    My mum nevers wants to dress up likes me, guess maybe hers don't wanna be likes me...go figures.

    You has a fun Mrs. Master. At least hers don't break things.


  2. Nice to see you! Khyra sent us over!

    We don't like that "d" word either!!!

  3. The look on your face tells the entire story! Silly humans! Stop on over to check out our Taysia foster, Dave! He is really loving it here. Lena was a Taysia foster - failure! Mom volunteers for Taysia too. Welcome to the most awesome rescue in the midwest!!

    Holly & Khady

  4. Khyra sent us over to say hi. It's our pleasure to meet you.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  5. My mom as a silly Siberian hat that my Belgian Tervuren pals Princess Eva and Handsome Brice had their dad bring from Germany fur us!

    My mom doesn't look nearly as nice as yours!

    As fur the D thing, I've not had to be on one BUT green beans are really really tasty - I'm sure Everest will like them -

    PLUS, woo just need to chase him around a lot more!


  6. Love the look!!! Fabulous x