Monday, January 16, 2012



My name is Nora and I was told to start this blog.  Now, you should know that I only do what I'm told if I see the benefit--aka treats.  However, the purpose of my blog is to tell all you sweet readers about my foster brothers and sisters.  We're helping Taysia Blue to reach their goal of helping 100 huskies find homes in 2012!

Did you know that I was homeless once?  I was on death row and at just the nick of time, a kind man rescued me.  Then a very kind family took care of me until they found my master and his wife who were looking for a medium sized dog that didn't shed much.  Surprise!  It's a good thing I'm so sweet and cute because I've been told more than once that we should get a spinning wheel and do something productive with all my hairs.

Anyway, more about me,  my favorite activities include playing chase and hide-n-seek, going on walks, and helping to exterminate all the moles out back.  This photo was taken after I had done an excellent job digging some trenches.  If there's one thing always said about me, it's that I know how to exterminate the nasty creatures that come into my yard.  Really, people should pay me for this stuff.

The master's wife said that all of my allowance is going towards the vet right now and that I will never be paid for extermination.  Like it's my fault that one of those foul creatures gave me a parasite--a really rare one at that.  The vet made it up.  I'm positive.

Well, I'm all better now so I can concentrate on teaching my foster brother to play.  Have you ever met a dog that didn't know how to play?  More about that tomorrow.


Nora B Webster


  1. Heya huskerboo! Always cool to see husky bloggers! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures, play bows,


  2. Ha-roo, love your picture! Welcome to blogging. Sure is wonderful that woo ended up in such a great home!
    We like to dig trenches, too and Jack a-roo is the best mole-catcher around! Maybe we should have a holey-moley party!

    JACK & MOO