Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bad Photography

Excuse the fact that Mrs. Master can barely handle a camera let alone know how to get colors to look right.  If you look really closely and use your imagination, you can see that we've painted the bathroom the lightest of mint colors.  The whole thing is looking VERY WHITE and LIGHT.

Also, WHO puts white grout in a shower anyway?  CRAZY PEOPLE...that's who.

It would appear that a white dog may be influencing choices around here.

Or maybe all that pink just drove them completely insane.

We've received word that Avalanche may only be here a few more days.  We're probably going to get one of Everest's (now Luka) buds from the pen (I mean literally...he was just kept in a pen before).

Keeping you posted on all the news,

Nora B. Webster


  1. My mom says that when they lived in the old house.. grout should have come in MOLD Color. It would have saved HER and my dad a LOT of time and trouble.
    UMMMMMMM MINT?? Does it smell like Mint too? THAT might make baffs EASIER to take..

  2. Hi Nora, I saw your super questions. YES... ORIJEN has 0% grain. Mr. Chewy has Free Shipping on orders $49.00 or more ALL the time. They do have Sales.. so I guess you need to check the web site Often for those. AND there is NO TAX.. which really makes the things they carry affordable.. even if you Don't order the $49.00 worth.. you might (MIGHT) save enough with the NO TAX thingy to pick up the cost of shipping.
    I really like using Mr. Chewy. VERY convenient.. and FAST to get the order to the house.

  3. Ooh, does that mean Avalanche has found her very own family?? Yay! I know you'll miss her, but you'll have a new playmate. Woohoo!

  4. Dog gone it if Frankie don't makes a superb sales pitch.
    My mum is a fan of da color choices...our kitchen is pink and our living room is a minty color, maybe Wrigley's Spearmint color...heck, I really dunnos.

    I hates to be an idiot and ask what udder color of grout would you me an idiot.

    Oh and yes, I prefers da term hick accent but you can use southern accent;)...and lemme say, it's baaaaaaaad.


  5. Our crazy mom put white grout in the shower.
    Good luck to Avalanche! You guys are so wonderful to foster!!!

  6. Does Avalanche have a home? Hoping nothing awful happened!

  7. Aroooos and Woooos to you Avalance - Good luck Avalanche with your new home - hope you get lots of treats xx
    Errrr...many humans in England and France use white grout in bathroom because they think it makes everything look very clean and they tend to like white tiles..My human used a kinda stone colour to match her tiles which went against what they advised her in the shop - what is the normal colour to use where you are? (My human made me ask this by the way!)

  8. We find #1 to be similarly inept with a camera, and tools. He likes to think he is handy but we all know better- keep an eye out there mates, your pops will need you before things are finished.


  9. Love the mint....we have a similar color in my office.
    Much luck to Avalanche as she journeys to her furever home.
    Hugs Madi