Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Ten

 1.    Describe yourself in seven words?
     Nora B.:  Fast, Stubborn, Huntress, Naughty, Outgoing, Awesome, Fabulous ( could go on and on)
     Avalanche:  Friendly, Outgoing, Beautiful, Snuggly, Pleaser,  Smart, Kissey
   2.    What keeps you up at night?
     Nora B.:  When I decide to move from my chair to my bed and there's some foster dog sleeping on MY BED!
     Avalanche:  Up?  Night?  What?  zzzzZZZZZzzzz

  3.    Who would you like to be?
     Nora B.:  Master.  He gets to eat all the bacon he wants
     Avalanche:  Anyone with a forever home

4.  What are you wearing right now?

Nora B.:  What an insult.  I have a gorgeous fur coat.  Of course I'm wearing it.

Avalanche:  White fur.  I'm beautiful.

5.       What scares me?
Nora B.:  The furminator!  Have you seen that comb of death?
Avalanche:  That loud sucking machine on the floor.  *shudder*

6. The best and worst of blogging
Nora B. :  Best - all my new friends  Worst - Nothing so far
Avalanche:  What's a blog?

7.       The last website I visited?
Nora B.:  My butcher shop.  Need to order more bones.
Avalanche:  Taysia Blue.  They'll have me on there soon!

  8.       What is the one thing I would change about myself?
     Nora B.:  We'd go back to that raw meat diet.  This dry food is for the birds.
     Avalanche:  I know this is repetitive, but I'd like my OWN family.  Nora doesn't share very well.

  9.       Slankets yes or no? 
     Nora B.:  If you are referring to the blanket known as my FUR COAT then yes.  As for other coverings, no thanks.
     Avalanche:  I create enough heat that even the humans don't need blankets!

   10.     Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
     Nora B.:  I love Puddles.  We both have embarrassing middle names.
Avalanche:  Tagged?  Are we playing tag?  I LOVE TO RUN AND PLAY!!!

Please excuse our lack of tagging.  We had some sleeping problems last night so this is as good as it gets folks.

Glad I can just sleep all day,

Nora B. Webster


  1. So Vacula Scares YOU too??
    THIS was very well done Nora and Avalanche.

    I love Puddles TOO... Just PLEASE Don't Tell her.. she gets All puffed up with herself.

  2. Uh, Frankie...I knows hows to read...duh!
    anyways, you is too funny! Wee is alot alikes you knows...I is a huntress, fabulous and awesome...and purty darn stubborn. Oh, I fast too.
    Howevers, I don't has all dat beautiful furs ya'll has...sigh.

    I can sees right nows dat Avalanche MUST stays withs you furevers so you can teach hers da proper things...like bloggin'!

    Puddles Duddles Rainwater...how embarrassing!

  3. Good Day Nora....we did so enjoy your answers to the tag game.
    Avalanche is a very lovely pup we hope she finds a furever home with a very good family and that family has a very nice puppy named Nora to be her furever sister.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Furry nice post woo two!!!

    Paws khrossed all get their wishes...


  5. You two sure do make a good team....

  6. Don't worry, Avalanche, I know you'll find your perfect furever home soon. I had to wait a long time for mine too, but it was WORTH IT!