Monday, February 13, 2012

Guess Who?

 As you can see, someone is still hanging around.

Those of you working with rescue know that things fall through and blah blah.  So, yeah, that's what happened.
And it's a good thing because then I wouldn't have anyone around from whom to steal toys to go to the Valentine's dance with me.
So, camera hog she may be, I guess I'm going to the dance with my foster sister, Avalanche.

Do you think I should do something different with my eye makeup?

Prepping and Primping,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  A big thanks to Frankie for explaining all this Valentines dance stuff to Avalanche.  She doesn't know much.

 PPS.  Guess what we finally got????


  1. well, I be dawg gone it! I thoughts fur sures Avalanche had founds her new home. Oh well, there loss. But I knows dis was da best in da end.
    Hehehehe...hers a camera hog too! I looooves it!

    Nora, I thinks your make up looks most beautifuls. I am always havng to buy new Avon eyeliner since I has lost my natural, born eyeliner.


  2. I think Avalanche likes it where she is! :) You look beautiful always, so I wouldn't do a thing different for the dance.

  3. You are MOST Welcome... so NOT Avalanche can come with you to the Valentine's Day Pawty. It will be a BLAST and I pawmise there will be plenty of singles there to Dance with and stuffs.

  4. We did, too! Isn't it GREAT?!?!? I got Mom up at 4, just so we could go out and be the first ones to enjoy it! Ha ROOOOOOO!
    Play bows,

  5. The last pikh is SOOOOOOO how I'd be!

    Khongrats on getting some pawesome awesome WHITE!

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe Avalanche khaused it...just sayin'

  6. We loved our snow even if it is getting pretty sloppy out there now. Mom isn't too happy with the muddy snow:(

    Too bad things didn't work out for Avalanche, but at least she is safe and happy with you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Fabulous you got snow!
    What a shame things didn't work out for Avalanche..some times these things are meant to be.
    Happy Valentines day

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx