Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Presence / Presents

 Guess who came over to celebrate my gotcha day yesterday?


The gift of her presence was way better than the present Master and Mrs. Master gave me.

Do you know what I got?

A microchip.  Apparently, I didn't hear the first part because I thought we'd be breaking open the salsa.  Then we got in the car so I wondered if we were getting Mexican take out.  When we pulled up here, I knew it was going to be bad.

I don't want to talk about the rest.

What about you guys?  Do your humans get you totally lame gifts or do you get awesome things like bones?

Recovering from disappointment,

Nora B. Webster

Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Weekend

This post is going to be short because, oh boy am I tired.

We spent the weekend celebrating my Gotcha Day and Mrs. Master's birthday.

My aunt Pixie came over to play.  You can see why she's an honorary Sibe (face bites).
Master gave us some delicious treats so his mom could take these photos of us together (just for you doxies out there).

Aunt Pixie was homeless once too!  Mrs. Master's mom and dad rescued her from the shelter.

Speaking of rescue.  Guess who is at his forever home RIGHT NOW!  Everest.  His name is now Luka and we hear from his new mom that they love each other very much!  Taysia Blue is so good at matching up dogs with families!


This is just one more shot so you can see how vicious a little dog can be.

You can see why I'm just so tired.


Nora B. Webster

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Teacher

Here I am supervising Everest surveying the patio.  He was scared at first but caught on pretty quickly.

Do you remember when I mentioned the Bible?

Well, the Master got home the other day and I was in my kennel (like the perfect pup I am) while Everest had escaped.
Looks like someone played 52 card pickup and forgot the most important part.

So, if you;like to play cards, head on over to Taysia Blue and fill out an adoption application.

Perfect as ever,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  Big thanks to Puddles for all our new friends.  She makes us laugh all the time and we're so thankful for her!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Too Cute to Boot

Today, I'm joining Puddles in the Mango Minster competition.  Just like her, I'm entering into an unexpected category -- Too Darn Cute.

It's lucky for my the competition that I'm not even cute at all.

 Much more astute than attractive...

Far more athletic than adorable...

It's truly exhausting to be me.

And this.  THIS!?!

Forget you ever saw this photo.


Vicious and Ferocious,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  A big round of apaws (pun intended) to Master's Mom for the really great photos.  She's super talented...takes after me I suppose.

Wordless Wednesday--A Palindrome

Monday, January 23, 2012

Play Time

It's my job to teach Everest how to play.
Another one of my jobs is to check to see if he's received any extra treats.

Smells a little like roast beef in there.

If you'd like to teach huskies to play, contact Taysia Blue.  I hear they're looking for good families in Nebraska and the KC metro area to foster and to adopt.

Off to play,

Nora B. Webster

Tails from the Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend here at Webster Manor.  Everest and I had a good time relaxing.  

Oh, that saggy fence back there? Ummm...We'll, just put that in the, None-of-your-business category.  MmmmKay?

Two people got new shoes and two dogs got nothing.  *figures*

Also, if you saw something on Facebook about a destroyed Bible, there is absolutely no proof that it was me.  I'll deny it forever.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty,

Nora B. Webster

Friday, January 20, 2012

When You're the Best of Friends

Have you ever noticed Everest's ears? 
They are half floppy and beautiful and I love them.

They remind me of something...

This is Jill.  She is my very best friend in the whole world.  She also has floppy wonderful ears.

What about you?  Are your ears pointy or floppy?

Ears up,

Nora B. Webster

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Look

I told you, I found this tub of bacon grease; I did not steal it.  Also, it's none of your business where I found it.

If you're looking for someone to blame, maybe you should look at what Everest did on Tuesday morning.

Don't be fooled, he's just pretending to be sleepy.  There's a hole in that boot and I can prove it.

Have you ever seen a striped husky?  Look on his rear.  Those are stripes!

If you're looking for a fake-sleeper-closet-cleaning-striped-husky for your family contact Taysia Blue.

Never to blame,

Nora B. Webster

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Copy Cat...err...

 I had long suspected Mrs. Master wanted to be like me.  

Sorry that there are no pics of Everest today. He's a little sad about his vet visit yesterday.

She said the "D" word...

you know...

one of those four letter words...

d-i-e-t.  *sigh*

The one and only,

Nora B. Webster

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As Big as a Mountain

This is my foster brother.  He's big like a mountain.  That's why they named him Everest.

The master's wife likes him because he's "cuddly."  Humph.  I make them really work for my snuggles.  He just gives them for free.
Please don't be fooled by that innocent look.  Do you know that he escaped from his kennel last night while the master and his wife were gone and didn't help me escape?  He didn't even get in trouble!  If I get out, I make sure to chew the master's tooth brush up real good to show him who the boss is.  Everest just walked around and didn't chew on anything.
Here he is showing off his sitting skills.  I've been trying to demonstrate to him how to "lay down,"  "speak," and "twirl."  He mostly just sits.

If you're looking for a sweet, gentle, huge dog to cuddle and lay around with, you should adopt him.  Contact Taysia Blue for more information.

Lots of sniffs,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  This just in.  Mr. Perfect just chewed up the wife's boot.  My master called to tell her at work.  Boy oh boy is he making me look good.  I never bothered messing with her stuff...err...let's not talk about that rip in the sofa.

Monday, January 16, 2012



My name is Nora and I was told to start this blog.  Now, you should know that I only do what I'm told if I see the benefit--aka treats.  However, the purpose of my blog is to tell all you sweet readers about my foster brothers and sisters.  We're helping Taysia Blue to reach their goal of helping 100 huskies find homes in 2012!

Did you know that I was homeless once?  I was on death row and at just the nick of time, a kind man rescued me.  Then a very kind family took care of me until they found my master and his wife who were looking for a medium sized dog that didn't shed much.  Surprise!  It's a good thing I'm so sweet and cute because I've been told more than once that we should get a spinning wheel and do something productive with all my hairs.

Anyway, more about me,  my favorite activities include playing chase and hide-n-seek, going on walks, and helping to exterminate all the moles out back.  This photo was taken after I had done an excellent job digging some trenches.  If there's one thing always said about me, it's that I know how to exterminate the nasty creatures that come into my yard.  Really, people should pay me for this stuff.

The master's wife said that all of my allowance is going towards the vet right now and that I will never be paid for extermination.  Like it's my fault that one of those foul creatures gave me a parasite--a really rare one at that.  The vet made it up.  I'm positive.

Well, I'm all better now so I can concentrate on teaching my foster brother to play.  Have you ever met a dog that didn't know how to play?  More about that tomorrow.


Nora B Webster