Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hi guys,

You may wonder why I'm under the sofa.  It's because my rude humans were too busy laughing and grabbing their phones to help me.

I was stuck.

My toy got under here and I cried out for Mrs. Master to get it out but she was being slow so I took matters into my own paws and went under to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, it was easier to get in than out.

The funny part was Mrs. Master frantically looking all over the house for me and calling out to Master to come help her.  If I'd known this photo would be posted on facebook, I would not have stuck my tail out for her to notice.  She'd probably still be looking for me.

Live and learn,

Nora B. Webster

Thursday, October 3, 2013

End Table

I wonder when Master is going to build me matching end tables for my ottoman. I've let him know multiple times, the window ledge is not cutting it these days.