Monday, September 30, 2013

Dr. Nora B. Webster

Hey Guys,

I'm here with a little medical lesson for you today.

See that bump on my eye?

It's caused by the virus Canine Papilloma. 

Mrs. Master took this photo to send to my best friend (my vet...i really love her) and they said to bring me in whenever but it wasn't a big rush.

Master took me last week and got my diagnosis (the wart had tripled  in size by this point).  Dr. Dodson gave me some drops for my water (homeopathic b/c she's awesome like that) to boost my immune system and said if it isn't gone in two weeks I had to have surgery.

SURGERY!?!  I mean, I love my vet but it's because she continuously feeds me liver treats anytime I'm there.  The idea of being there and not getting a steady supply of liver treats did not appeal to me.

So...I ripped it off.

That's right.  It was awesome.  Blood everywhere.  In my eye and everything.

Mrs. Master was freaking out and Master had to catch me b/c I was doing my zoomies around the yard and they were super dramatic.

Umm..I just saved you from having to pay for SURGERY.

Let's show a little gratitude here.

Humans.  Ugh.

Nora B. Webster

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Longest Scoot

We took Mrs. Master on a very long scoot this weekend.  This is us following my buddy Tikanni and her mom and brother.

Unfortunately, this is probably our last scoot for awhile because:

1. Mrs. Master will likely not have good balance much longer
2. She is getting VERY HEAVY
3.  Miles should be going to his forever home this week and then we're taking a break from fostering for awhile.

Soooooo....we really made it count.  A super long scoot followed by a swim and then a scoot back to the car (we made sure Mrs. Master got her exercise by having her kick about half the way back).

Enjoy the video!

Nora B. Webster