Monday, December 23, 2013

Webster's Christmas Letter

Hi Guys,

My peeps are too lazy to send out cards or letters so it's up to me to send out an annual Christmas letter.

As for me, I had a banner year! For sure, the highlight was everyone chipping in to buy me a scooter for Mrs. Master's birthday.  Probably some of the best planning and plotting in my history.

We fostered four friends.  Apparently, we got upgraded to super fosters because all four had special challenges and made my work extra difficult.

Oh!  I also went to camp for 8 whole days while Master and Mrs. Master went to someplace called France.  Camp was awesome and I made a lot of new friends.  I forgot to ask if the humans had a good time.

Master took up wood working but I'm not going to count him as successful until I receive my end tables.

As for Mrs. Master, she's been busy redecorating and reorganizing the guest bedroom for Mini Master.

If I can just get Mrs. Master to stop singing this song then we can finish 2013 on the same happy note we've had all year (for what it's worth, I do think she knows she's singing it totally out of context).    
Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  It's our prayer that you would experience God's goodness and grace the way we have this past year.


Nora B. Webster 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thoughtful Presents from Ruby

 On Wednesday, I received a surprise package.

I knew I hadn't ordered or won anything recently and Mrs. Master wasn't opening it fast enough.  Ugh.

FINALLY!  She got it open and it was a blankie for Mini Master.

While she was getting all teary eyed and going on and on about how thoughtful Ruby and her mom are, I was trying to get the awesome bone.

Blankie smankie.  This is my new toy from Ruby.

Mini Master has received A LOT of gifts recently.  I mean, he has an ENTIRE ROOM devoted to him and his stuff.

Now, I have something too.

A huge thanks to Ruby and her mom for such thoughtful presents.  We are so grateful for your friendship!

Off to squeek my toy in Master's ear.  Oh, Mrs. Master just reminded me about the on/off squeek feature in this toy.  I guess I'll just play with it quietly away from Master.

1 month until Mini Master's due date (whatever that is),

Nora B. Webster