Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Look at this super cool present Mrs. Master got from Master's cousin.

It came in the mail right before her party and she was sooooooooooo excited.

Does it remind you of anyone?

She sculpted this just for Mrs. Master.  It's so good, we think she should sell others in her shop--Pig and Pumpkin Co.

What do you think?

The rest of the party was super fun.  My tiny human cousin (his leg's over there on the left) gave me lots of treats and then I was so tired from all the fun that I had to take a nap.

Mrs. Master's mom put her hands to good use.

I made sure to check that she didn't have any of her dog torture grooming tools before I fully relaxed, don't worry.

Is it time for more cake?

Nora B. Webster

Monday, January 21, 2013


 Hi Guys!

I want you to meet my buddy Nanook.  I took him on a walk a few weeks ago and it was SO FUN!

He's fostering here in the Kansas City area so if you're interested in him, click here.

He's' HUGE and LOVES walks and is really fun and sweet. 

Don't you love his brown eyes?
 Mrs. Master is SOOOOOO dramatic and acted like it was the end of the world when I broke my collar on Saturday.

She texted this photo to Master.

It's not my fault that they have me out on a lead in the back yard and I needed to break free to chase vermin. 

Good's like they don't like it when I jump the fence to chase the vermin in the neighbor's yard.

Seriously.  It's like a prison around here.

Someone save me.
Now, I have no idea how this photo got here.

My body was invaded by aliens.  Obviously, I would never snuggle with Star on the big bed.


Nora B. Webster

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time for Bed!

This is for all you Star fans out there.

Have I mentioned how affectionate she is?  And how she does the funniest "Lay Down!" I've ever seen in my whole life?
However, the real point of this post is to ask you where you like to sleep?

For me, it depends on the time of year/temperature of the house and what time of night it is.  I always start out hiding under the bed.

It's the strangest thing though.  I can't ever figure out how Mrs Master knows where I am when I hide.


Nora B. Webster

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, Master finally got over flying over the handlebars...can you believe he had the nerve to blame me for the incident?

Here's how it all went down...

There was a know...a SMELL! I just had to sniff it so I stopped.  Apparently, Master didn't understand and kept going.  Our tug line got caught in the tire.  Overall, it was a good physics lesson for us all and it hasn't happened since.

Back to the good stuff...
No one was surprised at my love for pulling the scooter.

I was a little surprised at how quickly I get tired...I mean, who knew our neighborhood was SO HILLY?!?

Oh, and what's up with people slowing down to stare at us?  Haven't you ever seen a dog pull her master before??

We were all shocked when Star was harnessed up and TOOK OFF LIKE A ROCKET!

It's a good thing Mrs. Master had some practice with me before she tried with Star or who knows what would have happened!

A huge thanks as always to Master's mom for the awesome photos.  I got to take her for a little ride too and she didn't even fly over the handlebars!

Back to my title:

Happiness is...

Doing exactly what God created you to do.

At least I think so,

Nora B. Webster

Friday, January 11, 2013

Scooter Teaser

This is gonna be quick as I'm just so tired from hauling Master and Mrs. Master around on the scooter.

We borrowed this from a friend to "test it out."  Tonight was our first run and IT WAS SO FUN.

Well, there was that part where Master flipped over the handle bars.

Don't worry though, I'm ok.

Tell you more soon,

Nora B. Webster

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Star

I know it seems weird that I'm telling you to meet Star.

Well, you may or may not have noticed that I haven't said much about her.  It's because if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all she had a rather difficult transition into foster care.

Taysia Blue hired a super duper trainer to come in and teach us all how to help Star feel more comfortable and confident (and stop guarding silly things like a piece of paper she found on the floor).

Unfortunately, no one thought to ask about her insane fear of thunder storms.  Here she is hiding in the closet before it snowed.  I suppose the real question is why on earth was it thundering before it snowed?

So, we've been working on Star and teaching her not to guard things and that it's ok if a human takes something from her -- she won't get hurt.

She's getting a lot better.  Seriously guys, that trainer is so good.

 This is me taking a snooze.  Just didn't want you to forget me while I make this long post about Star.
We're pretty sure Star is just about ready to be adopted.  Her new family will need to keep up all the work of the training for an entire year so Star can be rehabilitated for good.

If you're interested in a super sweet gal who is looking for someone to love, you should check out Star.  She's come a long way and proved to be very trainable.

Now I'm off to get a few more squirrels to send to Sasha for the big day.


Nora B. Webster