Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Family Photos

Master's mom came over to take some family photos of us in the snow.

Someone tell me what's wrong with this photo?

Sorry Ollie, but those are my may pose nicely, but I own them.

It's my job to taste their breath.

And this...

This is my Master.

Don't worry though,  we'll get Jolly Ollie a good family too.

Searching for Ollie's family,

Nora B. Webster

Thursday, February 21, 2013

11 AM and Noon -- The Blizzard of Oz

 A good Samaritan gave Master a ride home so he didn't have to walk the whole way.

We were sure grateful! (Mrs. Master was praying and pacing and praying)

Here we are at 11 am.

It's noon now...but we decided a siesta was more important than a snow update.  There's just been too much excitement here today!

Blizzard of Oz -- 9 am and 10 am

9 am

10 am

Master got stuck about 2 miles from our house and is now walking home.  We're contemplating meeting him half way but it's just so nice and warm inside.

I'll keep you posted.

Nora B. Webster

The Blizzard of Oz

Today is a great day.

Hopefully a foot of snow.

I'm going to take a photo of me every hour to track it.

Here's 7 am.
And here's 8 am.

Comments are off.

Enjoy my day!

Nora B. Webster

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Water Dogs

Last weekend we invited our friends to try out MY NEW SCOOTER!

Yup...everyone chipped in for Mrs. Master's birthday and got us the scooter.  I think it's because her birthday is also my gotcha day.

Anyway, after we all took turns on the scooter, we went for a stroll.

Ginko (formally Boris) was there.  You can see him over there on the right.

Mrs. Master said it's hard to take photos of all us dogs together.

I really don't know what her problem is.

In other news, my aunt Pixie got a new sister.  Her name is Sadie.

I suppose that makes her my aunt too.

You can't really tell from these photos but she's only five lbs.

Are any of you ONLY FIVE POUNDS?

I am afraid I'll step on her and hurt her.



Nora B. Webster

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little of this...a little of that

 Hey guys.

Does anyone else miss my friend Star?'s just Mrs. Master...


That's what I thought.

Well, I sorta miss how goofy and funny she was.  And how she loved EVERY man who entered Webster Manor.

Ollie, on the other hand, is terrified of men.  He's slowly warming up to Master.  We wonder what his past was like but mostly try not to think about it.

You guys DID NOT EVEN TELL ME that I posted the same photo of Ollie Monday as I did Wednesday.

Anyway, I was hiding behind Ollie's left ear.  Great pic huh?  Mrs. Master didn't even notice until she was looking at the pics posted on the Taysia Blue website.  Haha!

So, I finally caught one of those really evil critters that have been taunting me ALL FALL AND ALL WINTER.

Master didn't let me keep my trophy though.

When I got inside, Mrs. Master wiped the blood off my face and kept an eye on me all night b/c she was worried.


Anyway, I have a little scab under my eye as my only trophy.  Well, and this photo.

Still mad at my humans,

Nora B. Webster

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nora's Boot Camp

 Hi Guys,

I forgot to warn you that my buddy Star went to Nebraska to try out a new foster home so we know how she'll act in new surroundings.  So far, she's doing really great, which means she can be adopted soon!  WOO STAR!

This guy showed up with Mrs. Master Saturday afternoon.

He's been enrolled in Nora's boot camp.
Taysia Blue had a facebook post asking what to name him and they had over 180 comments!

Don't tell anyone, but we've been calling him Bear.

He's really afraid of men and is one nervous pup in general.

He likes me though so I suppose that's what counts!

This guy is going to just be stunning once he looses some weight...don't you think?

Off to play chase,

Nora B. Webster