Why We Foster

Hi!  Mrs. Master here.

I'll never forget the day they told me McJagger was going to meet a forever family.  While he was only with us seven days and had caused me to jump over the back fence multiple times, he had stolen my heart. 

Fosters have first dibs on adopting a dog, but because of our city restriction of 2 dogs per household, we wouldn't do it.  As soon as we adopted, it would mean we couldn't ever foster again.

"Why do people do this?"  I wondered.  "What on earth would inspire a dog lover to give their whole heart to a needy pup just to have them ripped from their arms and home?"

A few days later, the volunteer in charge of application screenings and background checks called to tell me about McJagger's wonderful new home.  He would go on runs with his new owner and was loved so very much. 

Fosters have come and gone over the last year and we've debated on adopting a few of them (Avalanche, Boris, and Blaze) but we've stood strong knowing that these dogs go to good homes and are loved just as much, if not more, than with us.

 We've had eight (nine if you count Betsy the pup who stayed with us for a couple of days).  That's seven more lives saved than if we had kept McJagger and eight more than if we hadn't ever volunteered.

Our hope is that all of our fosters go onto their terrific forever homes and remember Webster Manor as a place where they were loved and protected.  We all know Nora's goal is to teach them to be the best digger, hunter, naughty, ornery pup possible.

 We'll continue fostering for as long as our situation allows because remembering those sweet faces is worth the minimal pain in the here and now.

If you're considering fostering, give it a shot.  It's the kind of challenge that feels really good.  Kind of like what I imagine (but will never experience) running a marathon feels like.

Mrs. Master


  1. Thank you for fostering these wonderful dogs. when you foster a dog, you save not only the life of the dog that you take in, but you also open up a spot in a shelter for them to save another. You are a blessing!

  2. BEAUTIFUL post!
    God's blessings -
    KZK (and Davy & Zim)