Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Break From the Drama

This weekend was really busy and crazy--flooded basement, taking shelter in said basement, etc etc.

I don't want to talk about that.  Let's talk about photos.

You may have noticed that there is a huge difference in the quality of photos posted on here.
 It's safe to assume if the photos are poor, they were taken by Mrs. Master.

If they are really good, they were taken by Master with his fancy camera.

If they are awesome and edited and perfect, they were taken by Master's mom.

Master took these.  He has really great subjects natural talent.

Boris is very underweight.  Do you all have any suggestions on how to help him put on weight?  Keep in mind that Sibes have funny tummies and too much food gives us runny poo (sick).

Also, he's still fighting off some bacteria so some of his poo problems are because of that.

We've been talking about poo way to much in this house.

Onto new topics,

Nora B. Webster


  1. More meals...

    And Google "Satin Balls". Mom says she has seen many khomments on both the Siberian and Belgian Lists about their value

    Of khourse, it is SO the subjekht matter that makes fur the pawesome pikhs!


  2. Khanned pumpkin!!!

    Not pie filling but khanned pumpkin...

    I would expekht the 'poo issue' is partially due to the meds

    If woo email me, I will find a Satin Ball recipe from the SiberNet arkhhive!


  3. Boris is so handsome, those eyes are amazing. I hope he gains some weight soon and I hope you have a calmer week.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. I would recommend beer and ground hog...very nutritious. Udders than dat I can't helps you cuz I ain't a Sibe.

    I can definatey tells dat Master has some natural talent, even if he be blind and has to wears super cool glasses. Hmmm, I losted my train of thought.

    Nows, when my sissy couldn't get her poop to come out our vet told mum to give her pumpkin. And then mum had to go and watch her poop to make sures. Sissy was embarrassed.


  5. Nora, one more thing...why is you UNDER da table and not ON TOP? I always has my press fotos done on top. You should really try it.


  6. When my humans got me I was pretty under weight and also suffering from some poo issues. They switched me to a Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. Poo problems went away and I starte to put on some healthy weight.

  7. Frequent, regular meals of high-quality food are the best way to put on weight safely. We don't use stuff like satin balls at LBR because it can be dangerous to feed raw meat unless you handle it just right, plus it can also be bad to put on weight too quickly. One trick we've found is plain vanilla ice cream. Ever since we found how quickly it puts pounds on the doggies, the human ladies don't like to eat it as much!

  8. We sekhond Khyra's opinion! Canned pumpking- 100% pumpkin not the pie filling. My little brofur Nukie had the ickies when he got here- that helped a bunch. #1 fed him about 2T a day.


  9. Plain (vanilla) yogurt and canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling) can help firm up the stools. So can coconut macaroons from Target, mmm!

  10. One word for Boris - CHEESE! but that might not be good for you... what do we know, we're dogs!

    Sam and Pippen

  11. Good suggestions from Khyra's Mom . We do yogurt every day in our kibble. One big dollop, just plain nonfat yogurt. The satin balls are good but they might be too heavy for him right now. Can you try feeding him smaller amounts more frequently? And try to stick with one food. We are all on a grain free kibble now. Good luck.

    Your pics are always great. We are sorry about the flooded basement - was that from those horrible storms last night? We were right under that funnel cloud - very scary night.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. We also swear by grain free food. Nanük also went through a 6 month course of low dose Tylan- this is an antibiotic you can buy with no prescription. Google it and it's use with icky puppies.

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  13. Ha roo, Nora! We're trying to get caught up a little bit today! So this is Not Nick! He looks pretty fun!
    Casey's mom had some great advice on the food! And we agree about the Satin Balls - the vets here at KSU do NOT recommend the raw food. ESPECIALLY since Boris has been so ill, I wouldn't challenge his system with having to fight off bacteria in raw food!!
    When I first got here, I was clinically anorexic. Mom had to work my tummy up to being able to eat more than 5 pieces of kibble at a time. Frequent small meals were the way to go for me. She also gave me small amounts of canned mackerel mixed in (but you have to be careful about loose stools) -- it is REALLY good and REALLY nutritious and REALLY, REALLY STINKY!!!! What Sibe wouldn't love it!!?!!
    Glad you guys are OK after all the crazy storms - our mom has kept us guys filled in from exchanges with your mom on that FaceBook thing. Nice score on the chipmunk!
    Play bows,