Monday, September 30, 2013

Dr. Nora B. Webster

Hey Guys,

I'm here with a little medical lesson for you today.

See that bump on my eye?

It's caused by the virus Canine Papilloma. 

Mrs. Master took this photo to send to my best friend (my vet...i really love her) and they said to bring me in whenever but it wasn't a big rush.

Master took me last week and got my diagnosis (the wart had tripled  in size by this point).  Dr. Dodson gave me some drops for my water (homeopathic b/c she's awesome like that) to boost my immune system and said if it isn't gone in two weeks I had to have surgery.

SURGERY!?!  I mean, I love my vet but it's because she continuously feeds me liver treats anytime I'm there.  The idea of being there and not getting a steady supply of liver treats did not appeal to me.

So...I ripped it off.

That's right.  It was awesome.  Blood everywhere.  In my eye and everything.

Mrs. Master was freaking out and Master had to catch me b/c I was doing my zoomies around the yard and they were super dramatic.

Umm..I just saved you from having to pay for SURGERY.

Let's show a little gratitude here.

Humans.  Ugh.

Nora B. Webster


  1. Oh, Nora! We just luvs a resourceful female that can take charge of a situation! We are so glad you don't have to have any surgeries!

    Sam and Pippen

  2. Nora we bet you gave your peeps a right old fright. They should give you some extra treats for saving them all that money at the vets. Great way to start Shockttober, Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OH Nora you had us a laughin although it certainly isn't funny is it mom (babbhahhahaha) thank dogness you are okay...i wonder what they will buy you for presents......
    stella rose

  4. AWESOME move, Nora! Seriously! Think of the money you saved them! Think of the time and worry! Think of how you got their blood pumpin' with a good workout trying to catch you! Wow, do they ever owe you! I'm picturing a bunch of treats. Maybe a new toy. A sofa. Some ice cream. A trip to Manhattan. You know, the basics.
    Play bows
    PS: Mom adds that she hopes you're OK and that she would have freaked, too. Bipeds!

  5. Nora... My mom says medication is never a good idea.....that being said...I Madi give you a standing ovation for all the drama you created...I am sure master was in need of a little jog...and well Mrs master probably cleared her lungs screaming and the bun in the oven got a good feel for all the fun he will have in your family
    Madi your BFF
    Ps we are hoping all is well now what did Dr D have to say about this event?

  6. We left out self in front of medication

  7. NORA.... we are SORRY that you had that wart thingy on your eye.. butt DARN GIRRRRRRL.. you are so resourceful in saving YOURSELF the Surgery an Mr. & Mrs. Master... all that MONEY.. THEY should be taking you out fur a STEAK Dinner or somethingy. Hope everythingy is OKAY now.

  8. I couldn't help but giggle at this. I hope you are ok.

  9. Nora you are a legend! We bet it was very scary for the peeps, but you've saved them all that money...which should now be used for treats...or as Frankie said 'a steak dinner'.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. OUCH! You ripped it off all by yourself! Nice work, but ouch!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. That is SO cool, Nora! Awesome, girl!


  12. Hey Nora, how lovely to meet you! So you believe in self help, eh? How terrifying it must have been for the humans but we agree...the money saved should be used for sone liver treats n steak!

    Congrats! You'll soon be a big sister :)

    See you around,
    Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

    P.S. we love that calendar :)

  13. Pawrents get all worked up over the strangest things. I mean, you were helping! I think you should get liver treats for that, LOTS of them.

  14. Nora, we love your blog and now we love it even more. You are very resourceful!

  15. Oh.My.Dog. GURL!!! You rock!! I can just see that (crime) scene now!! Blood everywheres like someone got deaded, and Mr. Master TRYIN' to catch you, and Mrs. Master screamin' for you to stop...butts NO! Your Nora, the 'I'm not goin' to the vetties unless there are treaties involved' gurl!! Pawsome. I bets Mr. Master hadn't gone to the gym that day anyhu....
    Ruby ♥

  16. Wow Nora, you are pawesome! I hope it heals up all ok xx

  17. You should be in the medical field! I get these sometimes (my holistic vet says as a Great Dane my immune system is not at its best). She told me to ACV in my water....and it seems to help. Hope you recover well and glad no knives were involved.

  18. Maybe woo khan khome take khare of my teeth?

    I need woo before Tuesday morning!

    If woo leave now, I'll be expekhting woo by Sunday PM ;-)