Monday, April 2, 2012

Lone Wolf

Remember this guy?

Yeah, Jasper.

Well, you can forget about him.  He has a new family.

They are good and great and really know about dogs and he should be very very happy there.

They were contemplating between two names and also liked the name Jasper.  So...we're not sure what his name is right now but we'll just call him Jasper.
So I'm a lone wolf.
Just sitting out here all by myself.
Please stop taking pictures of me.  This is embarrassing.
Seriously, get another foster so you can get that thing out of my face.
All of this attention is exhausting.

Someone get me a foster.  I can't handle all of this attention.

Lone Wolf,

Nora B. Webster

PS.  On a very sad note (and we do not like sad things), my aunt Abby (the red headed doxie) turned 15 last week and she got really sick last night.  She's at the vet and they're doing a lot of tests.  It doesn't seem fair to get sick right after your bday.  I'll keep you posted as she is the queen of the family and we are all very concerned about her.


  1. I'm sure the humans are plotting another pakhk member

    Just sayin'

    Make sure woo keep those mentoring skills handy!

    PeeEssWoo: Paws khrossed fur your khousin Abby - woo are khorrekht - so not fair to be sikhk after a special day like that!

  2. Nora we are very sorry to read about Abby. Purrs are coming your way for her.

    Being the only four legger to two crazy humans is hard...I've been dealing with that for 10 years. Huge weight for my dainty shoulders. But I do believe you are up to the task.
    Hugs Madi

  3. It's fun to be the lone wolf sometimes, but it's even better to be the top dog! I love having fosters around because I can boss them around. I'm sure your humans will find a new one for you soon.

    Paws crossed for Abby!

  4. Well I has a brudder and a sissy and I still has my fotos takin' Aaaaaaaall da time...but when you looks as good as me and you , da peeps just can't help theirselves.
    I am so happy dat Jasper found his most wonderful, perfect furevers home. I hope he dn;t miss me too much though....hehehehehe.

    As a fellow redheaded doxie I has my most powerful vibes goin' out to Ms. Abby. Please let us know how her is doin'.


  5. You might get more treats now. I hope you won't be lonely for too long. You do look awfully cute in those pictures. Paws crossed for Abby and I will hope my best hopes that she is going to be ok.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. You need a companion, Nora. Wish we could get there to keep you company.

    Paws crossed for Abby - you are so right, just doesn't seem fair to live so long and have to deal with being so sick. Hope the vet can help.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We sure hope Aunt Abby will be ok!!! We'll say a prayer for her.
    We heard the great news about Jasper! That's really fantastic! If your bipeds don't get another foster for a while, you should come out here and play with me!
    Play bows,

  8. What great news for Jasper!!! We are so sorry to hear about Aunt Abby. We've got our paws crossed for her.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  9. Oh, yay for Jasper! I hope you get a new buddy soon as I'm sure you need someone to do zoomies with.
    Keeping Aunt Abby in our thoughts. hugs