Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rainbow Bridge Welcomes -- Abigail Ruby Robin Garnet

Hi, Mrs. Master here.  At Webster Manor, we hate sad things.  So, we're here to celebrate the life of Abby.   (Don't fear, we've done plenty of mourning already, I just don't want to write about it)

Today, we celebrate the dog who loved naps more than any other dog. Abby was always up for snuggling whether it be after your very first day of work at your very first job after you turn 16 (me to the left) or anytime really!

Abby also loved school dances.  She is featured in all of my sister's dance photos from middle school through high school.  Looking back, we should have included her in our wedding photos.

Don't let Abby's formal look fool you.  That dog loved cow manure more than the average pup.  Steph (my sister) assured Abby that when she got to heaven there would be a great big pile of manure just for her and that there would be no bath afterwards!
Mom and Dad loved Abby like she was their third daughter.  In fact, it may have caused some conflict between Abby, Steph and me from time to time.

You should also know that most of our family members were convinced that Abby was unable to walk because my mom NEVER PUT HER DOWN.

My favorite family vacation included Abby.  We went canoeing and mom was so worried about Abby's comfort that she tipped her canoe at least 3 times.  At one point, they had fish in their boat. (you can see Abby on my mom's lap in the pic to the right)

Abby lived a long full 15 years and she stayed healthy to the last few weeks.

I can't imagine a better week to let her go than the week of celebrating Jesus's resurrection.

While it's hard to imagine that heaven could be any better than the spoiled awesome life Abby had here on earth, I know it is and I'm happy that she can be there rolling in manure and eating all the bacon she wants.

See you later Abby!

Mrs. Master


  1. I'm very sorry you've gone to the bridge Abby, but what a great farewell post Mrs. Master has written for you. I will be taking my next nap in your honor... and hey, save me some bacon!

  2. I am sorry that Abby crossed the bridge, but somehow I have an image of her running free towards a pile of cow poop and she looks really happy. Take care my pals.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Oh crap, I didn't want to read dis...okays time to be serious heres...
    I am beyond saddened to hears of Abby's passing. I dunnos maybe it's cuz her is a doxie and I is bias or maybes it's just cuz I knows da pain your parents are going through. But, just from dis post alone I knows Abby hads da most wonderful life where she loved beyond words.
    We send all our support and love to ya'll.

    Run free Sweet Abby.

    Puddles and family

  4. Have fun, Abby. I'm sure they don't run out of poop or bacon in Heaven. :)
    hugs for Mr.s Master and family

  5. I am so sorry that Abby has left this place. Fur a Dachshund 15 years is a VERY long Wonderful Life.

    Abby Run Free and Fast.. Roll in all the Cow Poop you want.. and have Bacon fur Every meal.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Abby. I'm sure she's enjoying her big manure pile at the Rainbow Bridge!

  7. Oh boy, this brings back memories of my old cat Stinker. She was born in our garage when I was almost 10 and she died 18 years later. She was there for everything in my life! I was at a work conference when my mom broke the news to me. It was awful. Our whole family was devastated even my dad who claims to hate cats. Stinker and Abby were very lucky to live such long lives in loving homes and we were lucky to have known them.

    Mamma Heartbeat

  8. What a great life Abby led! Thank you for sharing a little bit of her with us. We would have loved to meet her.
    Sending Mrs. Master lots of hugs!

  9. Oh my goodness....Abby was absolutely adored by all of her peeps. That is really all a puppy wants is love!! You all gave her 2 lifetimes of love. Our sincere sympathy to you all!! What a beautiful girl.

    The first family pet in my family was a mighty mini Doxie named Toto. My sis was 3 when the peeps got him. She and Toto were joined at the hip too.
    Doxies do so love their families. Even now 37 years later my peeps still tell Toto stories. Mom says he paved a golden path for all the furbabies who came after him.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. What a tribute to mini-warrior girl Abigail Ruby Robin Garnet- I pat my paws together in her honour and thank you for sharing a few memories of such an awesome doggie girl - I would call her one of the Shorties but she sounds like one honorary big dog in a small body. I am sorry for your loss- I'm sure she is running free across Rainbow bridge with beloved memories of you and your family in her heart. Looks like she had a beautiful life watching you grow up. Paws up salute to her from France. Bigdogzola xx